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D. Alexis Samuels, Chief Executive Officer



In 2014 Prosperity Nation was founded as a 501c3 Non Profit Education Foundation.  But the real story dates back to 1973 when our Founder, D. Alexis Samuels was growing up in a single parent household in urban Brooklyn, New York.  Challenged by poverty, social roadblocks and disproportionate educational opportunities, Mr. Samuels believed he could achieve more.  D. Alexis’ mother enrolled him in a school integration program, and immediately Mr. Samuels excelled academically and graduated High School at the age of 15, and began working on Wall Street in the field of International Trade and Finance. He absorbed everything around him and when his employer 3 years later went out of business, D. Alexis started his own business with the life skills that he developed.

Since then, 45 years ago, Mr. Samuels has become a successful entrepreneur, having founded successful businesses in Banking, Real Estate, Law and has invented products distributed by Multimillion and Billion dollar firms.  D. Alexis Samuels’ life course is a model for children today facing roadblocks and challenges to achieving success. Mr. Samuels believes education is the key to success: primarily financial literacy and entrepreneurship education!

Prosperity Nation is committed to educating, empowering, and inspiring today’s youth with Financial Literacy and Entrepreneurship through Innovation.  Our chief product is the science-based learning system called “Get On The Road To Prosperity™” (RTP) that teaches financial literacy, entrepreneurship and 21 other life skills not taught in schools or within our communities. RTP is promoted within schools and wherever the youth are to empower and raise funds for sponsoring organizations. We primarily use youth to distribute our games. In that way our youth are empowered with financial literacy, entrepreneurship and an ongoing income which is life changing.

We invite you to review our website, join our cause, become a Prosperity Nation Ambassador and represent us in your community. Enjoy playing the Road To Prosperity Learning System, and achieve success for you and your family!


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