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Through Gamification, learning is made fun.

Today, life skills are not taught in schools. Busy parents are also untaught in such areas as finance, saving, credit, house buying, foreclosure, and the like.  Countless studies show that lack of life skills lead directly to underachievement. Yet, these are the realities of life.

Through Gamification (teaching with games), learning is made fun.  Children and adults alike learn better with the elements of a game, such as: goal reinforcement, achievement, fun which captures the attention, repetition which deeply embeds learning concepts in the mind, competition which makes learning more relational (players are able to relate their game learning experience to real decisions and events of life), thus making play worthwhile.  And what makes Gamification so exciting, is that “it does not feel like learning”.

The famous comedian Johnny Carson once said “People will pay more for entertainment, than they will for education.”  So, all of our games are first “fun” and “entertaining”, then as a reward, they contain a hefty dose of reality and learning that places our players “On the Road to Prosperity”.

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